Ammonium carbonate

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Description Ammonium carbonate

Ammonium carbonate is a mixture of different kinds of ammonium carbonates. The most importanfare ammonium carbonate (NH4)2CO3 and ammonium bicarbonate NH4HCO3. They have found their application in organic synthesis and dyeing technologies, chemical agents production, flotation processes, chrome-tanned leather industry, food industry for bread and confectionery making, in agriculture as fertilizers ( most effective for potatoes, vegetables and feed crops), as well as fodder conservative.

Specified as unique denitrifying substance slows down and kills soil nitrification resulting in faster and richer harvests.
As fodder conservative (in high moisture content feed grain, crushed cobs, silage, haylage, hay, wet raw flax etc.) is used to kill septic processes, to yield high nutrient content and retention, to reduce nitrates and active acidity of fodder.

Transportation: by all kinds of transport except for ais transport.
Stored in unheated ventilated warehouses at 35°C maximum.
Guaranteed storage life is 12 months from production date.

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