Food quality acetic acid

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Description Food quality acetic acid

Food quality acetic acid (CH3COOH) is colorless flammable liquid with pungent odour. It is used in food industry as pre­servative and raw material for table vinegar preparation, as well as in agriculture.
Packing: r/w tank cars with overflow arrangement, stainless steel tank trucks, containers, vessels, drums (capacity up to 275 dm3) made of 12X18H10T or 10X17H13M2T stainless steel. It is acceptable to pour acetic acid into glass bottles (capacity up to 10-20 dm3) and PE packages: 50 dm3 flasks and drums, 10-20 dm3 containers approved by Ministry of Health of Ukraine for food stuff and storage life is 3 months max. Can be transported by all means of transports except air according to Food Cargo

Transport Regulations for a particular transport.
Guaranteed storage life: 1 year from production date

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